Matt Laker (mattio351) wrote,
Matt Laker

Happy Birthday to me in 10 mins

Ok by the time I am done righting this it will be my birthday! (February 21st)

at 10:08pm in 1987, my mother pushed me out of her dialated vagina, so please think of that at the appropriate time. LOL!

Alright so I got something REAL special for my birthday,
AN ULCER ON MY CORNEA!!!!!! It hurt so bad! I got it from excessive contact use. I ALWAYS slept with mine in, and the last time, I hadn't taken them out for 2 months straight. I had to leave work early and go to my eye doctor at Lenscrafters. I got a perscrpition for the thjs little bottle of drops.

Other exciting news, I am dropping off my high-res CD at Elite Chicago tomorrow, on my birthday. Then I am going to hang out with lovely Megan B, the one who was in the wire hanger video for a second, The one that was screaming and I hit her thumb. She also let me use her apartment for my testshoot with Hailei.

ALSO!!!! I just got a message on myspace from a photographer, David Anthony. If you remember he gave me the Elite contact way back at Chicago fashion week. He invited me to be a 3rd assitant on a Baker's Shoe ad on Friday! How exciting. It doesn't pay but I will have the experience of working on a shoot with an art director and clients on set. How fucking awesome!!!

I'll tell you all how Elite liked the photos later.
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