Matt Laker (mattio351) wrote,
Matt Laker

and if you didn't already know

The Sarah Silverman Program is absolutely hysterical and definately my favorite show right now. Its the only show I actually watch every week.

Thursday nights at 9:30 on comedy central, they are going to start restarting the first 6 episodes now. it has already been signed for a second season.

1st episode - Introduction of all the characters
2nd - Sarah takes in a homeless man so that she can be a humanitarian
3rd - Sarah THINKS she has Aids and starts a full committee in just one day!
4th - Sarah takes a little girl under her wing so she can win the Little Miss Rainbow pagent through the little girl.
5th - Sarah falls in love with a lesbian cop.
6th - Random shit and random jokes, Oh and she has a one night stand with god, and he's black!!!!!

Sarah Silverman - my hero, pure genius
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