Matt Laker (mattio351) wrote,
Matt Laker


I've had a CRAZY week.

Monday I had school,
Tuesday I had work, and then I had to drive to the city,

AND I GOT IN A BAD CAR CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 lanes, 50mph, i'm in the left. it starts to snow, i am very aware of it. the snow starts drifting from the left side of the road, and so i didn't want to accidently go into it, so I move my week 2 inches to the right.

IMMEDIATELY I start to swerve across the middle lane and i could not control the car, the only thing I could thing of was "omg i am the cause of a huge car pile up!!!!" And I was on speaker phone with my sister amber, and she wouldn't stop talking. I smacked into what I thought at the time was a semi truck, but it was actually a tow truck. after hitting it from the front right of the car, i began to bounce off and swerve more and even worse. My car hit the truck with the right back near my gas tank, and flew back across the middle lane and the back of the car slammed into the cement wall.

I was COMPLETELY 100% alright, I couldn't believe it that nobody got hurt.

Anyways here is pictures of the damage. The driver of the tow truck was fine, and I have court an hour away in Maywood, IL tuesday, which sucks.

this one is kinda artsy, LOL!

And then I had another photo intern/assisting thing on Wednesday. It was for Arlington Park Horse Racing. they are doing a 30 something special insert in chicago social magazine, and 4-6 pages is a fashion editorial. we had to attach fishing wire to her dress and blow air under her dress while she lept with binoculars. she had the riding hats in some shots, the whips, the straps. It was great, and the model was awesome! Interning is stressful tho it's fun to meet everyone. David is a hard worker and I am learning a lot, and I have to remember things ONCE and try and do it as quickly as possible. I have to do a lot of writing in my notepad. He can be hard at sometimes, but you know what? I remember things! Its hard because I don't know a lot of the equipment names, so when he says them I have to try and think of what it even is and find it. It's great experience and I am with good company

Oh and I found a great place to shoot outside today, its getting warmer, so I will have another shoot (with hailei most likely) at the end of the month.

And Scissor Sisters was on Friday, FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only dissapointments is that I didn't stay in front for the 2 hours of the opener, I would of had such a better time. And the people around me weren't that cool, and nobody seemed to like to dance a lot to them. I had a good time and got a lot of great photos and vids, not the best, but enough. I'll post those sometime.
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