Matt Laker (mattio351) wrote,
Matt Laker

My first testshoot was today!

Some of you know, some of you don't, but I had my VERY FIRST testshoot with Elite today.

The model's name is hailei, she was featured on Model of the Week. You can click that link to see her polaroids.

I got connected with her because her mom comes into my friend Samantha's work, Carabou Coffee. Samantha recognized her when I was showing her some of the new faces on, and she recognized her. I made a little business card and begged her to talk to Hailei the next time she came in.

WELL her mom came in, and was ticked. I contacted Marissa the head booker and set it all up, and wha-LA!! Hailei is one of their well known new faces and has gotten quite a few jobs! Basic Boutique has several of her photos.

Here are the digital tests, mind you the film ones I will be working on all day tomorrow, and these don't do justice to the real photos. She really was amazing and moved so well.

I was told by a fellow internet friend that this outfit is "FUG!!!!" "OLD GRANNY OUTFIT"

I am personally proud of it, me and Samantha styled it (samantha mostly since its her clothes)


I'll keep you guys posted, but from now on, I am an official Testshooter for Elite!
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