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Matt Laker

The finished product

I really worked hard on these, and they may not look THAT different from the ones on myspace, but I finished retouching these and these are the final prints.

And guess what! Elite emailed me back (finally). They were really busy and didn't have their whole staff for some time now, but he is speaking with Jan (VP) and Marrissa (head booker) and scheduling me to shoot some of the new girls, FOR SURE. If I don't hear from him early next week, he told me to send him an email. He apologized and said.... ok you know what? I'll just post the damn thing

Hey Matthew...
Thanks for being so persistent. We would definitely like to speak with you again and I apologize for how difficult it has been to get in touch with us here. We have been quite busy and haven't had our entire staff around for some time. Let me speak with Jan and Marissa and we will see what we can do about arranging for you to shoot some of the new girls. If you don't hear from me by the beginning of next week. Send me an e-mail...

Anyways, here are the 5 Best shots.

People seem to like this one

soo cute!

This is my personal favorite

DAmmnnnnn that photo is CCC! CLEAR CRISP AND CUTE!

Something in this reminds me of a jester in the middle ages (or is it medieval times?). I am in love with her arm in this shot.

I'm working my ass off this week, I have a car insurance bill due and a whole bunch of shit.

And in Jessica Simpson's A Public affair it almost sounds like she says "ALL THE CAMELS COME OUT FOR A PUBLIC AFFAIR!" I was obsessed with this song after I saw the video over the summer, I bought the ringtone and played it countless times, rediculous I know.

And BTW, who has all seen the musical "Reefer Madness" ?? ITS AMAZING!
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